Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission is “Growing Generations of Disciple-Makers Through Caring and Connecting.” We desire to empower the next generation of believers to become disciples of Christ; and to invest in their parents to equip the parents to be the chief disciple-makers of their children. We are generationally focused and believe that all generations can come together to aid in the growth of each other. We are better together, not alone.

How to Connect

We believe in three entry points at Generations North. These are not step-by-step programs but each is an individual entry point for a person to be a part of Generations North. We do not believe that discipleship is a program but a pathway that starts once someone accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior and ends once we enter Heaven.

Reaching through discipleship focused Sunday Mornings- This means everything we do, starting in the pulpit and in our classes, is focused on discipling our people to increase in Christlikeness.

Reproducing through circles, not rows- We believe that the best place for a believer to grow in Christ is in a group of fellow Christians that are all striving to grow. This is why we do not believe in discipleship programs that have an end time, but we establish life groups where people can walk down the pathway of discipleship together, to encourage and strengthen.

Releasing to serve- God made everyone with a unique purpose. We believe that part of our job as the church is to empower each believer in finding and fulfilling that purpose. So, we believe that a vital part of a believer’s pathway is serving. We are closest to Jesus when we serve.

Our Goals for Our Culture

1. To create a positive and encouraging environment for our worship experiences and growth groups

2. To present a creative and innovative learning environment to raise up disciples who make disciples

3. To develop intentional mentorships to provide a leadership pipeline

Our Pastor

Joshua Sloan

Lead Pastor

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